Entry Types

24 Hour Solo - $165  

Ride as little or as much as you like, how many kilometres can you accumulate in 24 Hours? 

12 Hour Solo - $125 

Not quite up for 24 Hours? The intensity is a little higher, but you will be able to get some sleep! 

24 Hour Duo - $125 per rider 

A great way to cement your friendship or relationship forever... or destroy it. 

24 Hour Teams of 6 - $110 per rider  

It starts out as fun, until you have to get up at 3am in the morning to ride your shift! Highly tactical, this is the part of Delirium that never stops as you try to gain laps on your opponents or at least try not to lose them. 

*Please note that all participants who do not hold a Cycling Australia license will be required to purchase a temporary race or ride permit from Cycling Australia at the below link. Solo or Elite Team riders require a Racing Day Membership or Three Race Membership other participants will require a Ride Day Membership