What do I need?

  • A standard road bike in good working order (Time Trial Bikes, Time Trial bars and disk wheels are not permitted) 
  • Helmet (Australian Standard, no Time Trail Helmets) 
  • Adequate lights front and rear (non flashing) Please do not use lights with excessive lumens that will cause discomfort to other competitors. 
  • Spare batteries or rechargers 
  • Sunscreen
  • Wet and warm weather gear
  • At least one change of cycling kit 
  • Adequate nutrition and hydration to last the duration of the race
  • 24 HR Solo riders should consider at least one non rider acting in a support capacity
  • Keep left unless you are passing
  • Do not "cut in" on passed riders
  • There is no restriction on drafting
  • Teams must change riders in the changeover zone only
  • Teams may change riders as often and as many times as they like 
  • Protests must be lodged with the Race Commissaire
  • Race Officials may remove riders from course at any time for misconduct or if they are concerned about a riders welfare


One of the great things about Delirium is that you get to camp on course. Stay up all night and enjoy the festivities or take a short nap before your next stint on the bike. Delirium has a unique atmosphere, the solitude and silence of the night followed by the drama of the sun rising and the excitement of the final few hours of racing

  • Coffee will be available on course
  • Toilets will be available on course
  • Please camp in designated areas only


  • Be courteous to other riders
  • Faster riders are advised to to "cut in" on slower riders as they pass them
  • Participants are requested to keep all noise to a minimum at night, (including talking) so as not to disturb residents 


  • All riders must pre register and pay online. 
  • Race numbers and transponders can be picked up between 8am and 10 am on Saturday 8th April.
  • Riders will be required to present their Cycling Australia License or proof of purchase for temporary CA licenses.
  • Pre race briefing 10:45am 
  • Post race all riders are required to return transponders to the designated point of collection or pay a $120 fine.


  • http://idletiming.com.au/D8
  • Historical Records will be recorded at the events website. 
  • Outstanding solo and individual efforts with-in teams will be considered for the "Delirium Hall of Fame"
  • We recommend that all solo riders and teams personally track their own kilometres using bike mounted computers as a back up to the electronic system.
  • Please do not ride over the finish line unless you are completing a lap as part of the event! It will distort you data and potentially lead to the loss of a lap for your team. 

Post event presentations will take place as soon as possible after the completion 
of the race.